British Columbia, Canada

Tuftin Hancock mares

We have spent over 20 years breeding fine foundation Hancock and Driftwood bred horses. We are grateful to all the past and present pioneer ranchers throughout North America who influenced our program and direction. We feel very fortunate to have purchased the heart of our breeding program from some great foundation horse breeders.

Our goal has been to preserve and perpetuate these same bloodlines today, as they were bred and used on ranches of yesterday. Our horses contain some of the basics for future generations. It is our hope that others will want to join us in carrying these foundation bloodlines forward.  We invite you to have a look at our herd, both here, on our website, and on the ranch. We want to thank all our customers for their past and continued support. ~ Fred and Deb Tuftin

AQHA YOB color hh sire dam
War Conchos Drifter   2596119 1987 dun 15.3 War Concho Speedy Beth
for sale  Tuf Baldy Valentine   4439526 2003 black 14.3 Baldy Valentine Conchos Lady 009
for sale   Tuf Greygun Hancock   2007 blrn/grey War Conchos Drifter Tarver Lady Hancock
Tuf Hancock 22    5295410 dun War Conchos Drifter Tuf Mabelle Hancock
Tuf Bert Hancock   5042088 2007 dun   War Conchos Drifter Berts Valentine
AQHA YOB color hh sire dam
Ms Nashville Roan (Gila)   2873789 1989 red (bay) roan  
Mr Roan Hancock Nashville Berthound
Dry Fork Hancock (Janice)   4900802 1993 blue roan   Mr Roan Hancock Figure Four Janice
Dry Fork Ada   2996946 1991 black Mr Roan Hancock Trigs Easy
Sunshine Lady Alice   3571453 1997 chestnut Classy Bar Hancock Alice Bluegown
Two Square Maidie   3711061
1998 bay roan Two Square Hancock Quarters Crinkle
Berts Valentine   3937781 2000 bay Starbert C Ed Conchos Lady 009
Tuf Wonder Hancock   4804327 2005 dun   War Conchos Drifter Sunshine Lady Alice
Tuf Ginger Hancock   4900802 2006 red dun War Conchos Drifter Sunshine Lady Alice
Tuf Mabelle Hancock   4900803 2006 black War Conchos Drifter Conchos Lady 009
Tuf Jewel Hancock   5258656 grulla War Conchos Drifter Ms Beauty Hancock
Tuf Robin Hancock   (pending) chestnut Colonel Tarver Hancock Berts Valentine
Tuf Ivy Hancock   (pending) br roan Colonel Tarver Hancock Neenah Hancock


Reno, Deb up

AQHA YOB color hh sire dam
Reno (pictured above, Deb up)   grade 
blue roan

Plenty Coup Hancock 
Tuf Fencer Hancock   3786874   red roan   Colonel Tarver Hancock JD Bar Champ
for sale  Tuf Ike Hancock   3821922   brown   War Conchos Drifter Lady Tarver Two
for sale  Tuf Scout Hancock   4287516 2002 blue roan   War Conchos Drifter Dryfork Dixi Hancock
for sale  Tuf George Hancock   4332723 2002 bay   Colonel Tarver Hancock Tuf Frosty Hancock
for sale  Tuf Salty Hancock   4439523 2003 bay roan   Colonel Tarver Hancock Dry Fork Hancock
for sale  Tuf Cowboy Hancock   5344770 2010 bay roan Cowboy Blue Hancock Sunshine Lady Alice


Geldings For Sale:

Tuf George Hancock

Tuf George Hancock AQHA #4332723 - 2002 bay gelding
sire: Col Tarver Hancock
dam: Tuf Frosty Hancock
(a daughter of Guatemala Canal, who is a half brother to Concho)


Tuf Salty Hancock AQHA #4439523
2003 bay roan gelding
Colonel Tarver Hancock x Dry Fork Hancock

Tuf Cowboy Hancock AQHA #5344770
2010 red [bay] roan gelding
Cowboy Blue Hancock x Sunshine Lady Alice

Tuf Ike Hancock

Helping to Preserve:

Sound .................. Mind
Gentle ......... Disposition
Strong ................. Bone
"Tuf" ..................... Hoof

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